The Creation to Love and Care for


Embraced By The Lord

Alone and broken, photo by Taruna

Alone and broken, on the shore of life, in between the ocean and dry sand, waiting for You Lord

Touched, photo by Taruna

One day you touched me , Your love and tender waves of mercy and compassion, O Lord

Drowning, photo by Taruna

One day, I hope, You will overwhelm me completely with your warm, total embrace


Jesus Love

waves, photo by Taruna

Jesus, Your love has struck me

As the waves of the ocean

A gloomy day when the Sun is hiding

Behind the clouds

The Breath Of Life




The dark night is here, surrounding us all. Don’t forget the breath that God blew into our mouths. If you choke it you will die, though you live. Breathe in, breathe out, let it fill your lungs, enter your heart and flow in your hands, your mouth will love and glorify God’s whole Creation. Peace and love for all creatures will finally manifest. Jesus is here. Amen

Sun Is Rising

Sun is rising, photo by Taruna

Sun is rising

On the horizon

Hope and life

Warmth and love

Mercy and comfort

Is coming true

Waiting In Aloneness

stone on the shore, photo by Taruna

Alone on the shoreline, when shall You, Lord, pick me up and take me to Your shore

O Saviour And Light Of The World

photo by Taruna

O Saviour of the world, come

photo by Taruna

O Light of the world, come!

God’s Magnificent Power

photo by Taruna

How does God reveal Himself, His power and greatness?

photo by Taruna

If you look at the sea and sky you will catch a glimpse of it

Longing Of The Soul

Seawave, photo by Taruna

Like all waters, rivers, rivulets, search for the sea.

So our soul long for God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. We might not know it, but still it is.

Watching The Sunrise

photo by Taruna DSCF1203photo by Tarunaphoto by Taruna

To watch the sun rising is a rare moment in this life

I wonder how many times, still, it will happen

May God’s mercy endure?

Are we worthy of it?

Die To Live

Flowers, photo by Taruna

A seed is sown, but must die to be a flower

A human is born, but must die to be spirit

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